It’s just about that time of year again.


Time to try to remember where we put the Christmas decorations.


Time to scour the thrift stores for the perfect getup for the ugly sweater Christmas party we were invited to.


ugly sweater new


(For those of you who haven’t heard, these parties are an actual “thing” and they are hilarious. We hosted one a few years back and I don’t know if I have laughed as hard since.)


But I digress…


It’s the time of year to plan your Black Friday strategy if you do that sort of thing.  Personally, there is nothing I want that badly.

Speaking of Black Friday, I was recently talking to some Canadian friends who said they once crossed into the States on Black Friday just for the “cultural experience” of being around the mayhem that is the day after Thanksgiving. Ha! We have crafted quite a reputation for ourselves, folks.

It’s time to start to wrap up this year and look forward to the next. So basically, time for resolutions.  Do you make resolutions?  I heartily make them, knowing full well they will last for exactly three days.

Last month, I was challenged by my friend Danielle at Velvet Ashes to write a piece about my One Word for 2014.  The idea behind One Word 365 is that, rather than resolutions, we can focus on a single word we’d love to characterize the coming year.

A word to guide our choices.

A word to measure our growth.

This single focus draws us to pause and gauge how we are progressing toward the people we long to be.  Personally, I like it better than resolutions because instead of “don’t  eat ice cream EVER in 2014,” the focus can be health or balance or moderation.  This yields a positive, hopeful vibe instead of a set of rules we’ll have broken sooner than the kids can break their Christmas gifts.

I accepted my friend’s challenge and painstakingly chose my word for 2014. You’ll be hearing more about it soon. This little word has birthed a discomfort in me every day since it chose me on October 19th. I remember the day. That’s how much it’s been wrecking challenging me on a daily basis.

I know what you’re thinking: Why is she talking about this in November?  It’s too early! This girl probably already has her Christmas tree up too.The tree is up. It’s been up for 2 weeks.


I really DO have a reason for asking you to consider your one word so far before January. This is why:


My friend Heather from Avery Rayne makes a wide variety of items and she has graciously offered to make you a personalized necklace of your one word for 2014! It’s such a creative necklace and what an awesome way to keep your one word close to your heart all year long!


avery rayne collage


 {I have gotten some feedback that some people are confused about how to leave a comment.  I want to explain because I don’t want that to hold you back from entering to win.  When you enter your email address, I’m the only one who gets it. Your information is not displayed on the website anywhere so no one else is seeing it.  If you don’t want your name displayed, make up a new one.  Be creative.  Maybe you could put the name you always wished you had or the name of your first pet or just put your favorite celebrity.  That way, you’re anonymous and I’m all excited that celebrities are reading my blog.  A win/win.}

 ***Giveaway closed***

Each person can have up to 4 entries.  Here’s how:
  • Reply below with your one word for 2014 (if you don’t know for sure, just put something you would consider having as your word.  If you win, you can always change it before Heather makes your item.  There are no blog police on duty).
  • Check out Avery Rayne on Etsy and come back and leave a comment below about a favorite item you saw over there.
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter and come leave a comment telling me you did.
  • Do use a celebrity name instead of your name when you comment.  That should count toward an entry I think.


 ***Giveaway closed***

On your mark, get set, go!






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40 thoughts on “your one word + a giveaway

  1. Jackie Koenig


    I predict that 2014 will be bringing lots of new challenges and some new (scary) situations as our family faces some new adventures. I want to be brave, strong, and charismatic as I face the year, so bravery is my word.

    I am IN LOVE with the cherrywood tiny heart necklace on Avery Rayne!


  2. Beth Ann Trimark-Connor

    Wow, so many good words out there!
    Honor, is my first word. I want to surf my intuition a bit more and do, say, and be what truly truthfully feels right. True aim. Honor all my insides.

    Dig or delve is my second. I want to dig or perchance, delve into my interests, investigate all the things that drive and delight me!

    Be the Good is an amazing print, as in Rainbow Shower, delightful, fun, and colorific.


  3. Christina Colp-Hansbury

    I’m a little confused about the numbering. I think I’m 21-23?
    My word is “mindful.” I am bipolar, and the best therapy treatment for me has been something called dialectical behavioral therapy. The main principle behind DBT is teaching the people who practice it to live fully in the moment of their lives by practicing mindfulness. It’s not an easy task, by any means, but i have often wished for something that could be a reminder in the hardest moments of my illness to stop, breathe, and be in that moment of my life without completely freaking out. My favorite itemn from Avery Rayne was the “distressed painted washer necklace w a suede leather cord.” I would also like to say in closing that being mindful is something that everyone can benefit from, and it has certainly made all the difference in my life.


      1. emily Post author

        Sorry about the number confusion. Some people are posting every entry separately and some are doing it all in one comment so I am adding the numbers so I can keep track of everything!!

        I love your word and I am so thankful you shared it’s meaning for you specifically. I also agree that mindfulness is important and it is something I struggle with daily. Being present in the moment has always been an issue for me.


  4. Serena Williams

    On days when I’m not known as Serena Williams, I’m JaQuinn. I think that my word would be “grace” (because I need to give way WAY more of it) or “obedience.” Obedience is always a good one for me. I shared this on twitter and mentioned that you already have your tree up. My favorite thing on the Avery Rayne Etsy site is the “Live Simply” ornament. That is going on my Christmas wish list.


    1. emily Post author

      Well, I am honored that you stopped by, Serena!! ;) This is fun. All these famous visitors make be feel super important which I always enjoy. Maybe I should change my one word to “humble.”
      Maybe in 2015…


  5. Eowyn

    My word would be contentment. I’m going through a study on that right now and it’s kicking my behind. Thankfulness would be a close second and is related.

    I’m a Lord of the Rings fan, in case you couldn’t tell. ;-) I don’t mind giving my real name, but this sounded more fun.

    Sharing on Facebook!


    1. emily Post author

      Contentment…so far you’re the closest to my own word and it too, is kicking my behind. Thankfulness is totally related! I can’t wait to hear what you learn from it this year!
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the awesome character name choice!


    1. emily Post author

      Awesome! How has your experience with having one word worked for you? I would love to hear about it. Did you find that you thought about it a lot throughout the year?
      Thanks for your input, Autumn. :)


      1. Autumn

        It has been helpful. It gives me the extra kick in the pants to get up and try again even when I’d rather stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head. When I’m in an annoying/difficult spot I’ve asked myself “Is this a place where I need to be persistent? Is God calling me to push through this?” Most of the time that answer has been yes. So I get up, sigh and tell God “Let’s do this!”
        I’ve been asking for a new word for 2014 but I’m not sure I’ve got the persistence bit covered so I may end up keeping it for the new year.


  6. Jennifer Garner

    I’m a big fan of the baby tough necklace!

    My word, I think is going to be trust. Usually, I’m still trying to nail it down in January but you got me thinking earlier. :) Thanks Emily!


    1. emily Post author

      Well hey Jennifer! I am so glad you took time off the movie set to comment!
      The baby tough necklace is cute! I love the name. So perfect. Named like a woman who may have had a few broken necklaces!!
      Great word choice, girl. I think that will serve you well in 2014.


  7. Deanna

    Hmm, I haven’t thought about it but maybe purposeful, intentional, or passion. I love hearing other people’s words, so I should do one this year too. Can’t wait to hear yours.


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