Happy New Year friends!  I hope your holidays were relaxing (but I bet they weren’t) and a great time to be with family and friends!  I enjoyed the time away from all the writing and I’m ready to get back to it.  I quite miss interacting with all of you!

Have you heard of one word 365?  It is a movement to choose one word to live by for the coming year instead of making all kinds of resolutions you’ll break by the end of the week.

I have been through so many words looking for my one word for 2014. Being that I am a large conglomerate of interpersonal issues, finding one word to focus on and make progress with was difficult. Ideally, all the issues would be fixed immediately not one per year. I crunched some numbers and I am going to need to live to be 729 years old.

I felt like I was naming a child. I had a list and looked at it over and again. For weeks.

In fact, I was taking it SO seriously I even considered doing a photo-shoot (like these I found floating around on Pinterest) with all my words drawn on the concrete. Or with my cheddar cheese baby bump sprawled out in all it’s glory. But I reconsidered. And you are very welcome.


Read the rest of this post over at Velvet Ashes then stop back by and tell me your one word!  Let’s take this journey together!



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14 thoughts on “My One Word for 2014

  1. Laura R

    Love your word – I think it’s perfect! Not totally sure what mine is yet, but I’m thinking maybe surrender. Seems pretty fitting for the state of my heart lately.


  2. Lisa

    Happy New Year to you! I’ve heard this “one word” thing floating around a lot but, like you, never ever thought I could narrow anything down….until this morning. Feeling a wave of frustration at the closing year and at the one to come, I hesitantly whispering the question, “Can I just be honest with you, Lord?” and wham….it resounded in my ear…HONEST. I have no idea where this might take me, but it’s definitely my ONE WORD for 2014. I’m feeling a hint of freedom already. I have a suspicion that God is pretty excited too.


      1. Jeri

        Oh yeah, I am expanding my blog. It’s something I have wanted to do for a few years but getting a dot com and everything has been daunting. But I have taken the first steps and my new blog.com should be up mid-January at Got2HaveFaithBlog dot com.


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